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HTML Meta Title & Meta Description Length Generator

This is an Example Title Tag
This is an example meta title. The meta title is much longer than the title tag, therefore we should add more text here than above. That's about it.

What are HTML Meta Tags?

HTML meta tags are information stored into the head area of any given site. There are varios types of information. Here are a few types of meta tags for example:

However, this page deals with the HTML Title and Meta Description tags.

What are the Meta Title Tag and Meta Description?

Google SERP

In the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), each result has a few general bits of information:

Here is a live example of how the actual code for the Title and description should look.

        <title>Title Tag & Meta Description Generator</title>
        <meta name="description" content="Generate your meta title and meta description with a length indicator.">

As you can see, the title is exactly how it sounds - the title of what the end user should expect to see on the result page. The meta description explains the title in further depth.

Title & Meta Description Length

The title & description can not be as long as you want. The length depends on the machine displaying the results but the general rule of thumb is:

If for some reason you decide not to follow that guideline, your text will be cut short. You can try it out right now - write a 70 character title and put it in to the tool above and see what happens to the result.